Sunday, March 18, 2007

Values Check

I just came across a list I made earlier this year, detailing the values I'd like to be teaching Cole. I like to write these things down every once in a while -- it helps me make sure that the life I'm living doesn't stray too far from the life I'd like to be living. Anyway, here's my list -- how's it compare to yours?

Core values I’d like to communicate to Cole

He should learn that he is loved unconditionally, always, and doesn’t need to do anything or behave any certain way to earn that love.

He should learn that food is something that should be enjoyed and appreciated, and he should always be provided with a variety of healthy, nutritious things to eat.

He should learn how to build a rich, diverse social community, and be encouraged to find common threads of connection with other people.

He should learn that our bodies are our own, and that no one should be hugged, kissed or touched without their permission.

He should learn that his ideas are important and that we will listen to his thoughts. When problems come up, he should be encouraged to help develop solutions as much as possible.

He should learn that animals should be treated with respect and care, and that they shouldn’t be hurt or killed unnecessarily.

He should learn that playing, fun and laughter are important.

He should learn that when he says he’s going to be somewhere or do something, he should actually follow through.

He should be encouraged to use his imagination, and value creativity over passive entertainment.

He should learn that it is important to find fun and enjoyable physical activities, and he should be encouraged to do some physical activity or exercise every day.

He should learn that violence, yelling, put-downs and threats are not effective tools for solving interpersonal conflicts.

He should be encouraged to do as much as he can to help other people.


Natalie said...

That's a really good idea to actually write down the values you want to teach your child. I'll have to work on a list for my own kids (I might have to borrow a few things from you list, if you don't mind).

Lord Grattan said...

Excellent Christopher! I applaud your effort. Thanks.

Jeremy Adam Smith said...

I love this list, Chris. Thanks for posting it. I'm thinking that we should write up a list like this ourselves, and I'm sure you'll inspire others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I like this list. cole is really looking like a big kid in that photo!

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder of the important things in life. I think it's great to write them down as a visual reminder.

Here from the Carnival of Family Life

Unknown said...

Great list. I think many of us adultish people need to remember these, too. :)

Here via CoFL