Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Share the worst advice you've ever gotten!

I'm working on an article on the stupid advice parents can receive.

Here's my question to you, the reader: What's the worst advice you've gotten as a parent?

Post your comment!

Try to leave an email address so that I can contact you in case I quote your comment in the article.


persephone113 said...

Several things come to mind, i.e., you should breastfeed for only 4 weeks, and you should breastfeed until the child is in elementary school. You should let your child sleep with you forever; you should never let your child sleep with you. You should let your child make up her mind about everything. Probably the stupidest piece of advice was to never teach your child manners because they repress the child. As I get older and I see the results of this little gem of advice I feel sorry for those children because those children become very obnoxious and no one wants to be around them or their parents. The point is that there are happy mediums and parents are adults who are there to protect and guide their children throughout life.

Anonymous said...

"Probably the stupidest piece of advice was to never teach your child manners because they repress the child."

My wife and I were once at a dinner party, sitting next to a self-described anarchist -- childless, of course. He railed against the ideas of teaching manners or sending kids to school. What's the alternative? we asked. "Kids should be out in the streets," he said, "taking direct action."

Ha ha ha!

mark said...

"Let Jeremy stay on your couch.... he'll just be there for a couple of days".

Ha, ha, ha,.... just kidding J-Butt.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm usually the one with the parenting advice! And I have to say, Moms usually do not react well to getting parenting advice from a man. Even if they are at their wits end and your little suggestion could save them hours of aggravation, guess what--it's not appreciated!

The bad advice I usually get is some version of "don't be so protective". The implication is that being protective isn't dad's proper role. I always make it very clear that my first priority, with MY child, is to make sure he is safe and happy.

Anonymous said...

Some of the worst advice I have gotten is that I should hold my daughter in a shuttle van and not use her car seat (because ofcourse I should trust my daughter's life to the driving skills of a complete stranger and break the law). Another was that the guns in my parents house should not be in a gun safe and my dad would just close the door to their bedroom where the guns were on the floor within a toddler's reach. And of course the whole breast feeding advice that I should stop before Zoe or I was ready.

Anonymous said...

"don't be so protective"

Yes, I get versions of this often, mostly from my in-laws, which annoys the living shit out of me. I'm actually not that protective, but you know, he's two and I watch over him and try to make sure that he doesn't kill himself.

I wonder if men get this advice more than women? Maybe it's considered natural for moms to be protective but defective if a dad is careful. We're supposed to be careless and clueless!