Friday, June 30, 2006

SAHDs: The View from India

I came across this article in The Times of India about stay-at-home dads. It contains the usual frame and perspectives you find in every other dad-at-home newspaper article, with an Indian twist. But it contains this interesting statistic:

According to sociologist Dr. Sushma Tulzhapurkar, who has just completed her PhD thesis on 'urban fatherhood', as much as three per cent of all urban working fathers are deciding to stay at home to look after the kids while their wives go out to work.

"Around 10 years back, it was an unheard concept and not to mention socially unacceptable for men to give up their jobs and remain at home," opines Dr Tulzhapurkar.

I'm attempting to track down Dr. Tulzhapurkar; if I can, I'll report more on her research here in Daddy Dialectic.

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