Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Public vs. Private

My comrade Badgermama tossed off this fierce, casually brilliant rant on the politics of public schools - go check it out and then come back and tell me what you think. This is an issue I've really wrestled with, and I think Badgermama made things just a little bit clearer for me.

"I keep thinking of those conversations about school funding and school quality," she writes. "The conversations where someone says, 'Well, of course I want my child to have every advantage.' Meaning, I want them to go to the best possible school, and maybe it is time to think about private school. I keep mentally completing that sentence, - '... every advantage over someone else's kid.' And not liking that."

Above you'll see the me, Shelly, and Liko at the Great Balloon Race in Reno, NV two weeks ago. An amazing event. Now Liko wants to be a balloonist! Me, too. But where would we keep the thing?

Yes, we three are indeed wearing matching purple caps.


Chip said...

after reading her post that is the exact same bit that jumped out at me too, as well as we have to build inequality into our district, on purpose which is absolutely true. I see it in my own kids' school district.

This reminded me of a Bitch PhD post on this topic that really stuck with me, in which she talks about her own experience as a student in a "bad" school.

Granny said...

I could have written it but not nearly so well. I agreed with everything she said.