Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grups vs. Caitlin Flanagan

"Daddy Dialectic" is going offline from today until, oh, probably May 1 or 2; I have deadlines to meet, plus pressing personal business, and not enough time.

But in the meantime:

"You know that feeling when you're reading a magazine article and you realize the group they are profiling is basically you and your friends?" writes my friend Chris. "I'm not sure I want to be known as a 'grup,' but this article is all about hipsters with young kids. It's long, but worth a read ..."

It is worth a read. I don't have time to comment (media commentary isn't really what "Daddy Dialectic" does, anyway), but: a) the article has a clear class and race bias, so take it with a grain of salt; b) still, it's all true, most of it, for the narrow group described; and c) the generation gap is dying even as it's widening. More later.

After you read that, check out this so-funny-it-must-be-satire-but-isn't-so-therefore-it's-pretty-sad interview with anti-feminist New Yorker writer Caitlin Flanagan. "The perfect woman." Yeah, sure. (Found via Rebeldad.)

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Anonymous said...

I've got another problem with it. Not only is it very clas specific, it is very male oriented, focusing almost exclusively on the guys. Women get mentioned specificaly only as part of a couple. Men are interviewed/quoted and couples are interviewed/quoted. Women? No.

Also, who in the late-30s early-40s needs to have the word gr'up explained?

I'm less of the definition of "grown up" used in this article than I was at 22. When I was 22 I had a toddler, a baby, a full time job and was going to college half time. Now I hang out and go to concerts and such. Sometimes with my children, who do like much of the same music that I do (though my 22 year old does like Patsy Cline). My kids are almost as much adults as my husband and I were at there ages, though not quite as they don't have to be. I suspect that is because we expected it of them. Responsibility and passion are not mutually exclusive. Neither are being a grown up and having fun.