Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hate the Holidays? Try Something Different

I thought I'd share some holiday-related stuff from the site I edit,

"How to Teach Your Kids to Share": In which I yell with frustration and then ask myself, Why is sharing so hard?

"How I Rescued Myself from Holiday Shopping Through a Donation Exchange": In which my colleague Neal says, I hate the waste and materialism and frantic shopping of the season--how can I drop all that and still make the holiday meaningful?

"How to Make Your Holiday a Shared Affair": In which Danielle Davis asks how we can turn the focus of the holidays form me, me, me to we, we, we.

"How to Throw a Toy Exchange": In which Dawn Friedman discovers a solution to not having enough money for toys.

Also: The anthology I edited with Dacher Keltner and Jason Marsh, The Compassionate Instinct, is coming to a bookstore near you. I'll giving talking about it at 7:30 on January 25 at Booksmith on Haight in San Francisco. For more information, please do click here.

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Mlocha Dad said...

These are some great ideas. Each year I try to get my extended family to focus on giving to others during the Christmas season. Each year, I fail miserably because they always want gifts for themselves. I will keep trying. One day, they will see things my way.