Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Liko blows out a candle

"Daddy, where does the fire go after you blow it out?"

"Where do you think it goes?"

"I think it goes to where they keep the fire. It's flying through the air right now into these pipes that go to a factory where they use the fire to make things like...[looks around the room]"


chicago pop said...

Theoretically, not a bad first cut at what happens; the flame combusts the wooden matchstick, which releases carbon into the atmosphere, which may be conceived of as a massive set of convection pipes, and these convection pipes then sequester a portion of the carbon into the ocean surface, or into vegetation such as trees, from which furniture may be made by future generations.

All assuming that atmospheric carbon concentrations remain below 350 ppm, or course.

AP science credit for Liko!

Jim @ said...

You know, I never considered that question nor an answer. I am impressed. But I am not sure how it makes the furniture...