Friday, August 25, 2006

Trust the Man vs. Mr. Mom

It just hit me. We've been doing this all wrong. Dads advocating for other dads to stay at home with their kids (or at least take more of a role in childrearing) have been yammering on about the emotional and spiritual benefits, being close to your kids, blah blah blah.


Instead we should be talking about all the great sex stay-at-home dads can have! The "Mr. Mom" image of the bumbling, fish-out-of-water stay-at-home dad is out. Today's Mr. Mom is living la vida loca!

In the new movie Trust the Man and the forthcoming movie Little Children, stay-at-home dads get to watch porn all day and have torrid affairs with really hot (but curvy - that's how you can tell she's real!) mommies like Kate Winslet. Finally, Hollywood is telling the truth about stay-at-home daddyhood!

I feel like these movies could be documentaries about, you know, my life, and stuff.

I'm telling ya, these movies are going to recruit more dads to our cause than any ten pious blog entries about the joys of diaper-changing. Dads, let's drop the posturing and really speak to what most guys care about: sex.

Sex, sex, sex!

Whoo hoo!


dusio said...

Terrific blog. I was a stay at home dad for a few years and know it's ups and downs. I never had the pleasure of watching porn all day, and I definitely didn't have Kate Winslet, but gladly would have!!

Anonymous said...


Chip said...

Damn, you've given away all the secrets of the secret at-home dad fraternity!! And the real reason dads are exhausted: it's not the getting up at night for crying baby, or sick baby or anything at all about the baby. It's the secret late-night meetings with babes from the playground...

Anonymous said...

You sound like a selfish man who let your wife work while you half assed raised your kids because you were too busy being a pig. I'm glad your wife took you off the market - no real woman would ever want to have the unfortune of meeting you, having your kids and then working her ass off not realizing what a total loser she's supporting at home.