Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Diaper Rap

-Some hip hop to sooth babies on the diaper mat-

That's right
I'm gonna change your diaper
I'm gonna wipe ya
Gonna put you on the mat so I can swipe ya
Off the old nap
Flush the new cr@p
If I do this right we'll overnight ya

Yo yo yo yo you got a biscuit
Yeah it's in your basket
But I'm gonna fix it
And when I'm done you'll feel fantastic

Uh huh

Hip hip a diddy
Hip hip a diddy diddy
Hip hip a diddy
Hip hip a diddy diddy

Yo there you go again
Up off the mat it's naked man
Big gut two skinny legs just like a Bears fan
But see I'm not done yet
Just come back and hit reset
Cuz I got this diaper and my motto's "Yes we can"

Hip hip a diddy
Hip hip a diddy

Yes we can naked man
Come on back for change you can believe in

Hip hip a diddy
Hip hip a diddy



A groovin' cool parody for all the babies, daddy-o.

Anonymous said...

No podcast?

Nice rappin' with the reality of the kids who aren't nappin' but instead, something's happenin' with the diaper and the c..... in it.


Thanks for sharing.

chicago pop said...

Yeah ... Spot's mom is like, I can't get the beat. You need an audio file.


So low-tech.

Maybe this is the excuse I need to do my first YouTube video.

KWG said...

Nice. You cats are cool. I'm saving this ditty for my Baby B.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are so white.

chicago pop said...

Y'all are so white.

I might have to rap about that.

Kelly said...

so printing this off for my man, yo