Sunday, May 14, 2006

Liko vs. "Some Evil Mothers"

This morning: Liko dancing to the Velvet Underground's Loaded... pictured above... singing "pa pa-pa paaah" to the chorus of "Who Loves the Sun." (Answer: "not everyone!")

I'm so proud.

Happy Mother's Day! To my wife, my mom, and everyone else.

"Some people like to go out dancin'. Now other people they go to work. There's even some evil mothers, they'll tell you life's just made out of dirt. That women, they never really faint, and villains always blink their eyes.That children are the only ones who blush, and life is just to die. That every one who ever had a heart...that wouldn't turn round and break it, anyone that played a part, whooa, and wouldn't turn round and hate it. Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane. Sweet Jane!"

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