Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Do You Know What a Fork is For?

I thought I'd highlight some wholesome family content just published on Shareable.net, which I edit:

How Kids Learn to Share Tools: How do you know what a fork is for? Objects carry meanings and tell stories, says developmental psychologist Debbie Siegel--shared stories about who we are as humans and communities. This is a really interesting essay, and I think parents will find it helpful.

How to Share a Nanny: Very practical nuts and bolts overview of how to share a nanny with another family.

How to Plant a Garden at the Neighborhood Playground: Our circle of families went to the city and asked if we could plant a community garden in a strip of dirt available on our neighborhood playground. To our surprise, the city said yes. Here's how we did it.

Can Sharing Survive Parenthood? You're young, in love, and more or less equal--but will it stay that way after the baby is born? Marc and Amy Vachon (whose book came out this month) say yes, if you ask the right questions before you become parents.


Scott said...

Thanks for the excellent links! I just found this blog a few days ago, and wanted to post so I can say: thank you for keeping such a diverse collection of information and stories for dads! I was an at-home dad last year, this year I'm working full-time, and next year I'll switch back to staying home with our 2 daughters. It's great to have so much good reading to do while I wait for my second daughter to be born (soon!).

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.